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Howard Miller

Howard Miller Kendal Desk Clock

Howard Miller Kendal Desk Clock

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Introducing the Exceptional Kendal Analog Table Clock – Where Modern Elegance Meets Timekeeping Precision!

⏰ **Distinctive Square Design:** Discover the uniqueness of the Kendal Analog Table Clock. Its square body boasts a captivating brushed sunburst silver finish, making it a striking piece that stands out on any tabletop. The lightweight yet sturdy aluminum body adds a touch of contemporary charm.

🌞 **Sleek Sunburst Aesthetics:** The minimalist lines of the clock's body create a sleek and modern appearance, perfectly complementing its brushed sunburst silver finish. This piece seamlessly blends artistry and functionality into one exceptional timekeeping masterpiece.

🕰️ **Contemporary Roman Numerals:** The use of contemporary black Roman numerals adds a layer of sophistication to this clock. Paired with a white dial, they effortlessly flow with the sunburst silver finish. The black hour, minute, and second hands rest behind a glass crystal, contributing to the clock's minimalistic design.

🛡️ **Uncompromising Quality:** The Kendal Analog Table Clock features quartz, battery-operated movement, ensuring accurate timekeeping with minimal effort. With just one AA battery, this clock becomes a reliable and enduring addition to your decor.

🏠 **Versatile Fit:** Whether gracing tables, shelves, mantles, or more, this clock effortlessly blends into any room's decor. Its square body rests comfortably in various settings, while its sleek profile makes it an exceptional decorative piece for modern spaces.

🏆 **Howard Miller Legacy:** As a third-generation family-owned brand since 1926, Howard Miller continues to lead the clock industry. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in every piece they create, extending to fine specialty furnishings for all aspects of life.

Elevate your decor with the Kendal Analog Table Clock, a harmonious blend of contemporary design and timekeeping precision. Order now and experience the fusion of modern aesthetics with Howard Miller's legacy of excellence.
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